How A Pond Works


How a Pond Works

One of the most common questions we’re asked is how does a Pond work? Won’t it turn green?
Your Pond is a self-contained ecosystem which depends on many factors working together to keep it healthy. Among them are:


The Skimmer Unit.
This vital piece of equipment contains the Pump,skimmer net and a filter pad that acts as the first line of defense against debris.


Water passes through the skimmer and is sent to the Waterfall box


The water fall box.
One the most important pieces of equipment. The unit contains filter mats, bags of lava rocks were beneficial bacteria will colonize, and aquatic plants, which act as another layer of filtration. Once the water passes through these elements it tumbles back into the pond itself resulting in the tranquil sounds of the waterfall and imparting oxygen into the water.


These help anchor the liner and keep the ponds’ shape. They also protect the liner, keeping it unexposed from the UV rays of the sun.


Aquatic Plants.
These are vital to the success of the eco-system, as they create oxygen and absorb nitrates.


Koi! No Pond is complete with out them. Not only do they give character, their waste helps fertilize plants naturally and they consume insects.


Acts a sort of “Ground Cover”, but more importantly, serves as home for colonies of helpful bacteria, which help keep the water clear.


Tiered Construction.
(Pt.’s 1&2) 1.) By building the pond in this fashion safety is increased and 2.) The underlayment layer along with the “fish-safe liner” keeps the pond from being absorbed by the earth.


This element blends the pond into your landscape. It helps conceal the liner/underlayment layer and serves as a planting area, which dramatically impacts the overall look.