International Water and Garden Showcase 7-21

George & Margaret Janowiak (GEM PONDS INC.)

701 East Foster Ave. Roselle (click for directions)

Viewing Hours: 9am to 5pm

From 355 head west on Lake St. to Medinah Rd. Take a right. Then turn left on Foster Ave. The house is on the left, about a half-mile down, at the intersection of Foster and Spring Hill

The ponds have changed several times over the last 20 years. That’s what happens when you’re in the pond business! As you enter our property, you will see our front pondless waterfall. It has a double waterfall and bubbling rock made from weathered limestone outcropping. As you head to the back yard, you will see our raised brick turtle pond. It is home to currently over 15 turtles of different species. From there you will see the upper falls that leads to an 8x10’pond via a 25’ stream. This pond is home to a few Koi. A 20’stream connects to the lower pond 20x25’ that has a bog filter and its own stream and waterfall. It is home to 30 large Koi. Some of which are 20 years old and over 2 feet long. The ponds hold around 5000 gallons. A Unilock Rivenstone patio, fire pit, and raised brick bar top lets you really kick back and enjoy the views. A brick pizza oven was added in 2013. Don’t be surprised if you smell smoke, or the aroma of pizza in the air. We use this oven a lot in the summer time! The water- features are set in a natural setting, filled with perennial plantings and trees. A 1000-gallon rainwater harvesting system, with bubbling basalt columns help self regulate the water in the ponds and are used for additional filtration. It is also used to water our expansive vegetable garden and Giant pumpkin patch.